I) Waterchiller

II) Cascade

I Waterchiller

This powerful waterchiller was made by Learn on October 2006.

Specifications :

  • Compressor : Danfoss brand new; SC-21 (600W)
  • Condenser : 1kW (even if it doesn't mean anything !) and big sized
  • Accumulator : made by Learn
  • Receiver : bought on ebay, you can see it here
  • Tank : stainless steel, made by learn too !
  • Thermostat : -30/+30°C, the orange switch (confer pictures) permits to shunt it, aiming at getting very low temperatures (-40°C)
  • Special mix of Alcohol and water, 70% Alcohol and 30% water

Performances :
  • -45°C unloaded
  • -35°C with 350W dummy loader

Power consummation :

The power consummation is about 640W..


Photos :


It works very well, it cools down one processor and two video carts whithout any problem...Me is happy !



Coming soon...